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India Carbon Limited Was established in 1961 was founded by Mr. B. Himatsingka and is a pioneer of the Calcining industry having set up Asia’s first Calcination Plant at Guwahati in 1962. ICL since inception, has also been in Technical & Financial Collaboration with Oxbow Calcining LLC (formerly Great Lakes Carbon LLC) USA -World Leaders in the Calcined Petroleum Coke field. The Company then went ahead and established its second calcination plant in 1969 at Budge Budge, West Bengal. India Carbon Limited unlisted shares buy & sell.

INDIA CARBON LIMITED (ICL), India’s leading producer of Calcined Petroleum Coke. India Carbon Limited Provides Calcined Petroleum Coke To Major Carbon Consuming Industries Like Aluminium Industry, Steel Industry, Etc.

CPC Is Used In Alumina Smelters As Anode, In Ferroalloy Industries As Soderberg’s Electrode, In Manufacturing Of Graphite Electrodes & Are Also Used As Thermal Paste For Ferro Alloys & Allied Industries, Melting of Steel , Recurburisation and for making Special Steels & Alloys, etc.

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