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  1. What is the meaning of unlisted equity share?

    Those shares that are not traded on a stock exchange are unlisted equity shares

  2. Who sells unlisted equity shares?

    Individuals or corporations holding unlisted shares can sell them

  3. Are the shares being sold in the demat form?

    In physical and demat both.

  4. What is the process to sell/buy unlisted shares?

    Please check the procedure link on our home page. click here.

  5. Why do investors buy unlisted shares?

    They get unlisted shares at reasonable prices than already listed shares. Also, there is a potential growth seen in these shares.

  6. What is the kind of time horizon to see the gains in unlisted shares?

    Time horizon depends on the IPO/Listing date and it can vary anywhere from 6 months to 5 years.

  7. Do the unlisted shares have any lock-in?

    When the company floats IPO, the existing shares of that company will go for lock in i.e. They can not trade shares for 1 year after IPO. If only listing of that share happens, then there is no lock-in.

  8. What is the kind of return on investment one can expect by investing in unlisted shares?

    It is multifold ranging anywhere between minimum 20% per annum to more than 100% per annum.

  9. What are the kinds of risks involved in investing in unlisted shares?

    It depends on the market scenario. In a thriving market scenario, the profits are usually far greater than the risks involved.

  10. What are the tax implications of investing in unlisted shares?

    We are here to provide you with directed guidance to make your investments grow multifold.

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